Living with Women and Cars

This album documents an epoque in the life of Montreal artist and party personality commonly known as “Beaver,” who is a veritable renaissance man. The epoque is one where he had lived above Cinema L’amour; currently a porn theatre but also famous for being the site of Harry Houdini’s last show, where he was dealt the deadly blow that ultimately killed him. Here he [Beaver, not Houdini] improvised a lot of music to 4-track, many of which eventually became tunes that are recognized by attendees of the hundreds of shows he has played.

During this time I had been dumping the 4-tracks to computer, mastering them, recording on top, and had a bunch of sessions where Beaver came over and showed one of his other many arts, cooking. Even when the fridge & cupboard looked pretty empty we ate like kings then continued to “super-produce” the shit out of the thing. Many months later we were pretty close to finishing the record, but life kept going at such a pace that it took around 3 years to completely finish the album you now hear. I believe this will come to be known as one of Beaver’s [many] masterpieces.