Cosmic Signals / Collis Browne remix

This is the first Heart + Soul track ever recorded, and it sure did hit the spot! Equally faithful to its UR techno inspiration and Montreal indie-weirdo reality. This track was later released on Panospria as “Planet Nebula” on the Cosmic Signals ep.

The B side is a 20-minute synthesizer workout by Collis Browne, recorded in 2 sessions to 8-track analog tape using the “blind-multi” method. In this method we start with a first cut [in this case the original H&S track], and repeatedly overdub different parts without hearing them together. The result is like a controlled palimpsest, but since all tracks are related equally to the original, the result still has a musical uniformity. This is opposed to the “blind-chinese” method, where each track is recorded while listening only to the previous version, so that the result has a deconstruction where, like in the Chinese Whispers game where it gets its name [aka broken telephone], the later tracks have less and less direct relation to the original.

Oh yeah, and it sounds great too.