WHY NOT YOU Be Among These Happy Dancers?

Among the strangest records we’ve made [or heard for that matter]. Fundamentally, a clarinet + saxophone duet album by Simon Called Peter and Collis Browne, but has so many other different elements, recording techniques, moods and melodies that it is a bit hard to explain. Some examples of reactions:

A review for the Montreal Mirror: “Local sax and clarinet players Simon Bélair and Colin Vernon (members of Rivers and Mountains and the Natacha Recordings Sound System) have created a minimal, fragmented, fluttering 10-inch record, with warped moments evoking a broken music box submerged in water. It’s just begging for “experimental” film accompaniment—I’m picturing a loop of a man in a straightjacket and a pacing guard who drops a handful of tacks on the floor, slo-mo close-up on those tacks and the man’s horrified reaction. My cat was fascinated.”